About Me

by Wanjiku Njoroge


My name is Peninah Wanjiku Njoroge. I hold a degree in Business Information Technology (BBIT).

I am a multifaceted freelance writer who aims at producing authentic and quality content to fulfill SEO needs.  You can contact me for error-free and well-researched product reviews, blog posts, articles, and landing pages.

Over the 3 years I have been in this industry, I have written content in several areas including pest control, farming, industrial systems, cleaning services, grocery stores, recipes, education, fitness, healthcare and technology among others.

I have a keen interest in content marketing.

At this day, I believe that businesses can prosper if only people learned the power that content marketing holds. Availing a quality and innovative product or service to the market is great.  However, for people to buy it, they need to get in-depth details about it and the value it adds to their lives.

You can trust me to write for you valuable content marketing information. I not only guarantee content customized towards your specific brand but also one which engages your customers.

Your expectations from me:

  • Thoroughly researched information
  • Valuable content that engages and transforms
  • Keyword-optimized content
  • Effective communication